Currently on Beta version.

The Intrasheets Client is a NodeJS library to help you build requests to the Intrasheets API.

Known limitations: Worksheet, Columns nad Rows operations does not update any references. For example, if a column is added, any formula, validation, definedNames won't be updated on version 1. That will be included in the next version.

Client Settings

options?: object Object creation options.
options.token?: string Authentication token used in most requests.
options.baseUrl?: string The API server URL.
If this property is not informed, the environment variable 'JSPREADSHEET_API_BASE_URL' will be used. If this is also not set, the default value '' will be used.


You can install from the NPM as below:
% npm install @intrasheets/client

Configure your API server

The API server will be running on your servers. Now you need to define the URL for the server.


A basic example to configure the server and retrieve some basic information from the spreadsheet.

import { Client } from "@intrasheets/client";

// Create a new client
const client = new Client({
  // API Server
  baseUrl: "http://localhost:8009/api",
  // Your authentication token
  token: "eyJhbGciOiJIUzUxMiIsInR5cCJ9.eyJkb21haW4iOiJsb2NhbGhvc3Q6ODAPQSJ9.Xr2Ir2-zEc_tqV5y6i",

// Spreadsheet Guid
const guid = '15eb1171-5a64-45bf-be96-f52b6125a045';

// Get the spreadsheet instance
const spreadsheet = client.getSpreadsheet(guid);

spreadsheet.getWidth().then((result) => {
    // Result {
    //   '0': 40,
    //   '1': 40,
    //   '3': 45,
    // }