Getting started

Intrasheets is a full-stack solution that provides private, collaborative, and real-time spreadsheet sharing in a browser like Google Sheets. It consists in a NodeJS backend service that runs on your server and a simple frontend integrated into your application.


Private and collaborative

The Intrasheets service runs on your server and handles all frontend and API requests.


Intrasheets do not manage users or logins. All authentication relies on the tokens signed by the backend of your application.


A PostgreSQL database centralizes all meta information to persist and recover your spreadsheets in your server.


AWS S3 stores images and all the spreadsheet backup snapshots.


Based on Jspreadsheet, the frontend brings the most common spreadsheet features, with currently more than 490 formulas and many extensions that allow real-time sharing, importing or exporting from Excel, importing from Google Sheets, and many other collaboration tools.


For any transaction, Intrasheets should receive an Authorization Bearer from the backend. More details are available in the section Signature.